Criminal justice agencies and systems across the globe are faced with the challenge of responding to new social, political, and financial pressures within a changing landscape of data and evidence.

A restorative approach to justice provides an evidence-based and principled framework to address many of these challenges and bring about transformation in the field of justice. This approach, which rests on common-sense relationship values, is rapidly gaining international recognition for its positive impact on all justice system sectors.

Change within the criminal justice system requires careful strategy, technical knowledge, and strong collaborative relationships within a common vision.

These systems are complex, requiring tested change-management processes that involve multiple sectors and parties in coordinated and strategic efforts. With a passion for and experience working with complex systems, Just Outcomes is equipped to support these transformative endeavors, no matter how large or small.

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Just Outcomes not only taught us about restorative practices they modeled them as well. I would highly recommend them to any team that wants to more deliberately integrate restorative practices into their work.
Mary Geelan, MSW System Change and Community Initiatives Manager Department of Community Justice, Multnomah County

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