Collaborative Harm Response & Justice Innovation

Just Outcomes supports communities and organizations in reimagining just responses to harm and its causes.

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We help leaders and service providers across sectors and places find principled, realistic, and lasting solutions to justice-related challenges and opportunities. With a wide array of experience informing our work, our team offers expertise in restorative justice, crisis intervention, facilitation, training, project management, research & evaluation, program development, and more.

Working across the globe, we offer expertise on transformative and restorative approaches to conflict and harm within criminal justice agencies, community organizations, schools and post-secondary institutions, faith communities, businesses, and philanthropic organizations. We also facilitate large-scale projects involving multiple interested and impacted parties. Through all our work, we pursue a vision of vibrant and resilient communities based on the strength of just relations.

To learn more about us, please explore the resources that we have authored or participated in.

Just Outcomes has offices just outside of Portland, Oregon, on the traditional and beautiful ancestral territory of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, bands of the Chinook, Tualatin, Kalapuya, Molalla, and many other Tribes who made their homes along the Columbia River; and Vancouver, British Columbia on the unceded and ancestral Coast Salish Territories. Our team continues to reckon with our roles and the continued impacts of the ongoing legacy of colonization.

Integrity with our core values drives everything we do, from running our organization to working with our clients.

  • Innovation

    We challenge ourselves and our clients to think outside the box, act courageously, and evaluate the results of our efforts so that we can improve constantly.

  • Collaboration

    We believe the best results occur when we are motivated by genuine concern for one another, to work toward mutual gain. Change thrives on collective effort and insight, built on a foundation of equitable relationships.

  • Strategy

    Change requires a clear vision, careful planning, and ample patience. Each situation requires a unique plan of action. This flexibility is enabled by a blend of expertise, creativity, and humility.

  • Trust

    Through our care, competence, and commitment, we strive to earn the trust of everyone we work with. To enable effective change, we also seek to foster trusting relationships among all involved.

Working Towards Equitable Outcomes

Justice requires the pursuit of equitable relationships. Tragically and ironically, processes built in the name of justice have very often replicated systems of inequity and oppression. We believe that the path toward equity is both personal and structural. Our team is committed to the work of understanding and disrupting our own conditioning by systems of inequity based on race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and other facets of our identities. 

We share in a vision of safety, dignity, and justice for Black, Indigenous, and other racialized and marginalized communities across the globe, and stand against racism and discrimination in all forms. We prioritize building relationships of trust with practitioners and partners across diverse identities. 

And throughout our work we strive to center the voices of those most impacted by the issues, so that the outcomes of our work may be life-giving for all. If you would like to learn more about our commitment to equity and how it impacts our work, please get in touch.

The Power of a Team

Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. Our clients often tell us that the support and connection offered through our team is just as important to them as the skill and expertise we bring. Even when one or two of our team members are your point of contact, you will always benefit from the combined expertise and care of our entire team. We genuinely look forward to meeting you!

Group photo of the team at Just Outcomes Consulting

Catherine Bargen, M.A.


Catherine has been working with communities to develop restorative justice programs for over 20 years. Her leadership and experience span working closely with government, nonprofits, educational institutions, Indigenous Nations, victim services/anti-violence groups, and religious communities. Whether providing individualized coaching, leading a large-group dialogue, or managing an organizational change process, she is known for her comprehensive skill set, upbeat style, and genuine care for those she serves.

Matthew Hartman, M.A.


Matthew has over 20 years of multi-sector experience within the restorative justice and conflict transformation fields including facilitation, training, program development, and consultation. He brings a longstanding passion for human and organizational development to the work of justice. Blending curiosity and compassion with exceptional organizational and technical skills, Matthew offers an empowering, collaborative, and highly principled approach to those he serves.

Aaron Lyons Headshot

Aaron Lyons, M.A.


Aaron is an experienced and passionate restorative justice specialist and peacebuilder with extensive international service in facilitation, consultation, coaching, and training. Since 2002 he has designed and led innovative projects across sectors, from Arctic communities to Hong Kong, Brazil, and the Middle East. Aaron’s support for individuals, groups, and organizations is shaped by years of frontline experience working alongside people impacted by, and responsible for, acts of violence. A firm believer in the human potential for growth, Aaron brings creativity, humor, insight, and heartfelt presence to all of his work.

Cara Walsh, M.A.

Senior Consultant

Cara has been leading the development and implementation of restorative justice principles and practices within a wide spectrum of organizations since 2010. Working across criminal justice, education, correctional and community settings, she supports clients through systemic and cultural changes through training, consultation, facilitation, and program development. With a Master’s Degree in Rites of Passage from Prescott College, Cara’s professional and educational experiences are grounded in her passion for creating collaborative, authentic, and equitable spaces to support both personal and community transformation.

Michelle Jackett, M.A.

Senior Consultant

For 15 years, Michelle has been committed to collaborative approaches to building just and trauma-informed communities. Whether facilitating dialogues or co-designing programs to support social change, Michelle is known for her ability to engage with authenticity and compassion while maintaining a clear and strategic focus on the big picture. With experience and education in Canada, the United States, Northern Ireland and South Africa, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation in 2013. She is Co-Author of The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Sexual Abuse: Hope through Trauma.

Associates & Partners

We are committed to knowing our strengths and our limitations, and assuring we have established working relationships with associates and partners that are able to respond when the needs of a client may fall outside our particular strengths. We are enriched by the diversity and depth of expertise and lived experience of our collaborators, and recognize the quality of service their contribution provides.

Caitlin Adam

Caitlin Adam

Social Media Coordinator
Caitlin is a social justice advocate and community development volunteer based in East Vancouver, BC. She has been an invaluable volunteer for Just Outcomes since 2018, assisting with all our social media activities and helping us document the learnings of some key projects. With a BA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and an MSW from University of British Columbia, Caitlin uses her education and experience to strengthen relationships in her neighbourhood, advocate for and raise awareness about justice issues, and inform her parenting practice.

Dr. Alana Abramson

Dr. Alana Abramson

Dr. Alana Abramson has been involved in the field of restorative justice (RJ) as an researcher, practitioner, and trainer since 1999. She has extensive experience implementing RJ in community, prison, and school contexts and is an instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  We have been collaborating with Alana enhancing restorative justice in BC for over a decade, and are continually impressed by the commitment, care and skill she brings to every situation.

Alison Allen-Hall

Alison Allen-Hall

Managing Director, LynxSE

Alison Allen-Hall (PhD) is the Founder and Managing Director of LynxSE, an organisational equity coaching consultancy based in Portland, OR. With a piercing intellect and plenty of humor, Alison works to create practical application models for systemic equity and authentic inclusivity within a wide variety of organizations. We have been privileged to partner with Alison in the movement-building work of Transforming Justice in Oregon, where her leadership and deep insight have helped reshape and strengthen the state-wide restorative justice movement.

Michelle Buchholz

Michelle Buchholz

Cassyex Consulting

Michelle is a Wet’suwet’en woman who holds a Masters of Public Policy, who also has a background in Indigenous research methodologies. She is renowned across Canada for her graphic recording and facilitation work which she often does within the fields of community safety, anti-violence, anti-racism, and Indigenous community engagement. We love working with Michelle for the way she conveys complex ideas through her artwork, for her sharp sense of what is needed in a group, along with an amazing sense of humour. 

Jennifer Haslett

Jennifer Haslett

Jennifer Haslett has been a practitioner and consultant in the fields of restorative justice and conflict resolution since 1996. She has been a restorative justice facilitator with the Restorative Opportunities Program of the Correctional Service of Canada since 2004. Since 2021, she has been working with the Restorative Engagement Program for the Department of National Defence as a Senior Restorative Practitioner. We partner with Jennifer when we need assistance on projects that requires a strong compass on the values of restorative justice, and a sensitive trauma-informed approach to working with survivors.

Kim Haxton

Kim Haxton

Kim Haxton has developed and facilitated programs in more than eight countries, and has been working in land-based education and leadership for the past 26 years, including as co-founder of Indigeneyez. She takes her place among thought leaders in the area of decolonization, particularly as it applies to language, art, economics and gender. Kim’s gifts in facilitation and trauma healing, along with her grounded presence and wonderful sense of humor, powerfully serve any group she works with.

Terri Kalaski

Terri Kalaski, M.A.

Terri’s career as a contractor and consultant has provided her the opportunity to engage with corporate, education, health and justice sectors.  Along the way she has received recognition for her work, most recently, receiving the 2015 British Columbia Premier’s Award for Promoting Innovation and Excellence. She holds a Masters in Restorative Justice from the University of Hull, England. Terri’s abilities to analyze with the “big picture” in mind and to write comprehensively about restorative justice draw us to working with her when these skills are required.

Jennifer Llewellyn

Jennifer Llewellyn

Jennifer Llewellyn is a Professor of Law and Director of the Restorative Lab and Chair in Restorative Justice at Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her teaching and research is focused in the areas of relational theory, restorative justice, truth commissions, international and domestic human rights law and Canadian constitutional law. We are grateful for Jennifer’s involvement and guidance in projects that require systemic transformation and reconciliation work consistent with the values and principles of restorative justice.

Warren McDougall

Warren McDougall, RPC

Warren is an Indigenous clinical counsellor and consultant, specializing in stress-related illnesses known as addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, lateral violence, and trauma. His introduction to restorative justice was a very personal experience. By challenging his worldview and generational beliefs, restorative justice provided the impetus for change that allowed Warren to free himself from the cycle of intergenerational trauma, substance use, and conflict with the justice system. Warren views restorative justice as being part of an overall approach to living; building communities and relationships that can have preventive impacts not only in the realms of community safety and justice but in terms of health and mental health outcomes.

Sidney Morgan

Sidney Morgan

CEO, Red Sea Road Consulting

Sidney has over 17 years of experience in restorative justice and racial equity facilitation, training, and consultation. She currently serves as an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark University, and through Red Sea Road Consulting works with organizations around the Country in areas of EDI, conflict management, and restorative justice. Sidney’s compassionate and grounded presence, paired with her well-honed facilitation and training skills, are tremendous assets when navigating the complex waters of equity and restorative justice.

Susan Sharpe, Ph.D.

Susan Sharpe has been an influential writer and practitioner in Restorative justice since 1994. From 2010 until her retirement in 2020, she served as Advisor on Restorative Justice at the University of Notre Dame, where she was awarded the 2016 Toohey Award for Social Justice and the 2020 Grenville Clark Award.  We have known Susan for more than two decades and are so grateful for Susan’s partnership with us on projects involving systems change and restorative justice, as well as cases involving thoughtful and responsive facilitation.

Carl Stauffer

Carl Stauffer

Senior Expert, U.S. Institute of Peace

Carl Stauffer has 30 years of experience in 37 countries as both a practitioner and academic. As a seasoned peacebuilding and reconciliation practitioner, Carl has consulted and trained with organizations such as UNDP, USAID, World Vision, and many others. Carl has particular interest in restorative and transitional justice, post-war reconstruction and reconciliation processes. He has been instrumental in helping us to design and strategize for complex reconciliation processes. Blending heartfelt curiosity, humility and tested expertise, Carl is a joy to work with and an enormous asset to clients.

Dr. Carolyn Stauffer

Dr. Carolyn Stauffer

Dr. Carolyn Stauffer is a consultant and educator in the fields of sexual harm and trauma. Carolyn’s passion for people has taken her to 34 countries and she has conducted trainings on three continents. Stauffer has 20 years of domestic and international practice experience focusing on enhancing survivor resilience through a strengths-based approach. We are so grateful to bring Carolyn onto projects where her deep understanding of the impact of trauma can help create safety and transformation.

The Founding of Just Outcomes

Just Outcomes began as a vision between three friends in 2008. Aaron, Catherine, and Matthew had just graduated together from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (Virginia, USA) and were radically inspired by the experiences and relationships they had built there. They had forged a strong connection with restorative justice pioneer and mentor Howard Zehr, while cultivating friendships (in part through weekly poker games) with exceptional peacebuilders from around the world. Just Outcomes was born in an environment of cultural diversity, strong and fun-loving friendships, and high standards.

Matthew, Catherine, and Aaron all had rich prior experience with conflict transformation and restorative justice. But the seed of a common vision for advancing restorative justice and its related disciplines was now beginning to take root. For years, they had monthly meetings over teleconference – and the occasional kayak trip or urban retreat – to nurture and develop the prospect of building an organization together. As the years went on and the vision moved toward reality, their respective families often joined on their adventures. New insights emerged and evolved, many times over a pint of a locally crafted microbrew.

Just Outcomes became an official entity in 2014, while each founder was still meaningfully employed elsewhere, and content to be contributing and learning where they were. Finally in 2017, the time seemed ripe for a deeper commitment to their big dream. Matthew and Catherine both quit their existing jobs in government, and Aaron moved to part time with the nonprofit organization where he was working. By 2018, they were all full time and have never looked back. It was apparent to them that the world was yearning and searching for new approaches to justice, harm, and conflict – and the three of them as Just Outcomes were ready to respond to this energy.

Their former monthly meetings are now almost daily check-ins, ranging from personal check-ins (“how’s it going?”), to getting creative on challenging projects (“let’s brainstorm an approach here!”), to the minutiae of running a growing organization (“has that partnership been formalized?”), to feeding their relationships (“thanks for what you’re bringing!” or “hey that didn’t sit quite right with me, let’s talk about that!”). Just Outcomes and their connection with each other has been an invitation to “walk the talk,” a test they are committed to acing. With a growing staff of exceptional practitioners, Just Outcomes continues to be a place where culture, friendships, and exceptional standards remain at the core.

Group Photo - Port Townsend Retreat
I have had an opportunity to work extensively with Catherine, Aaron, and Matthew, and am highly impressed with their individual gifts, knowledge, and value commitments as well as the way they complement each other as a team. In many ways they embody the best of what restorative justice claims to be. Together their organization is providing a unique and important service to the field of community building and restorative justice.
Howard Zehr Author and Restorative Justice Pioneer

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