Just Outcomes is built to provide you with a process for achieving your goals from start to finish.

With a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience behind us, we employ a wide variety of adaptive tools in service of the specific needs of our clients. Where needs are evolving or still unclear, we can also help you identify the right services to fit your situation.

Effective change requires careful coordination among many moving parts. We welcome this complexity. We will work with you to clearly define our role in relationship to the process, and will execute our role with clarity, commitment, and humility. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

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A needs assessment is a process of working with a group, team, organization, or system to understand what is happening.

Training and presentations expand knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for change to occur. They are useful as stand-alone services, or as a component of a strategic change process.

Developing new programs to address conflict, harm, and injustice includes a blend of strategic planning, training, group facilitation, and policy development.

We bring a structured yet responsive approach to group facilitation, to hold space for deep dialogue and sustainable solutions.

With a skilled facilitator, moments of crisis in the places we live, work, learn, and play can provide opportunities for personal, interpersonal, and organizational growth.

Research & evaluation help in improving existing services, developing new strategies, and communicating your efforts effectively.

Through consultation and technical assistance, we equip individuals and groups with the knowledge and strategy they need to reimagine just responses to harm and its causes.

We work directly with leaders and practitioners to bring out your strengths, enact your core values, remove inner obstacles, and unlock your potential.

Explore what it takes to transform workplace culture and align our leadership presence with the powerful principles of Restorative, Equitable, and Accountable Leadership (REAL).

I have already recommended their services to other organizations and faith communities navigating situations of harm and will continue to do so whole-heartedly.
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Whether your initiative is large or small, urgent or strategic – we are ready support you.

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