Workplace conflict and harm have powerful impacts on the lives of workers, families, and communities.

Tensions and violations can create stress, divisions, absenteeism, and losses in productivity. However, working through these issues with principled and collaborative methods can be a powerful source of growth and development within businesses and organizations.

We believe that workers and leaders have a right to thrive in an environment of safety, cooperation, and respect.

Our team brings experience in workplace dispute resolution, de-escalation, violence prevention, restorative responses to bullying, harassment and violations, policy development, and culture change across a spectrum of workplace settings. Whether workplaces are dealing with a current conflict or crisis, or are taking proactive steps to avoid future escalation, Just Outcomes is a responsive and skilled partner for businesses and organizations aspiring to build a safe, cooperative, respectful, and productive work environment.

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I would like to offer a quick good word about the transformative work the Just Outcomes team is doing with us. Through their work with our leadership team our capacity to work together effectively and make good decisions has grown by leaps and bounds.
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