Icon: Needs Assessment

Icon: Needs Assessment
Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a process of working with a group, team, organization, or system to understand what is happening, why it is happening, who is affected – and identify opportunities for growth and change. We do this through individual and small group conversations, targeted surveys, and document research, all of which can culminate in a written report or presentation to all involved. 

Regardless of the next steps, the process itself can often produce new insights, relationships, and resilience among groups and teams. Given the many benefits, it is common for us to recommend a needs assessment as a first step in our work with clients.

Useful When

  • You recognize that change is needed but are unsure of how to proceed.
  • The presenting issues are complex, varied, and impacted by numerous relationships.
  • You are interested in uncovering a holistic picture of the situation before moving toward intervention or change.
  • Relationships and trust with a consulting team needs to be built for successful facilitation and guidance.
Projects that Utilized Needs Assessment
Just Outcomes' knowledge of restorative justice is comprehensive, and their attitude is one of caring deeply about the method and its delivery. Without hesitation I would work with them again and I highly recommend them for community needs assessments, education, and implementation of restorative justice processes.
Nancy Gromen Former Executive Director Eastern Oregon Mediation Center