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Restorative, Equitable, and Accountable Leadership (REAL) – Public Training

Leaders, managers, and supervisors are faced with a crossroads in how we go about managing those we are responsible for in the workplace.

Traditional methodologies are often transactional and task-oriented, sometimes exacerbating frictions or inequities in relationships. But leaders are increasingly called to evolve our leadership style to one that is more relational, equitable, and reparative.

Many leaders who are embracing more relational and inclusive approaches are discovering that, in addition to more satisfied and committed employees, they are seeing an increase in organizational performance.

In this public group training, participants will identify the key principles of a REAL approach while developing their capacity for putting these principles into action through restorative and relational practices. Participants will also reflect on their own presence as leaders and explore where opportunities exist for further alignment with REAL principles.

If you have not previously received other services from us, this training also acts as a gateway for access to our REAL Learning Lab.

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These online trainings are accessible from anywhere, but scheduled in the Pacific time zone. The $245 cost includes the all-day training and a PDF workbook to help you bring your learnings back to your workplace. Contact us with any questions, or sign up now:

Public Training of Restorative, Equitable, and Accountable Leadership