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Icon: Research & Evaluation
Research & Evaluation

Research and evaluation help in improving existing services, developing new strategies, and communicating your efforts effectively. Combining participatory and documentary methods, we conduct research aimed at improving and enhancing systems of justice, accountability, and community safety. Research is about more than collecting information; it can also be about giving voice to human experiences and incorporating them into a shared future.

Evaluation tells a story. It can be an engaging, unifying and even transformative effort. We are ready to conduct an evaluation in partnership with you, or walk your organization, group, or initiative through the development of your own evaluation strategy so that you can take all the learning from your work and share a compelling story with others. Get in touch to find out if research & evaluation would be a good fit for you.

Useful When

  • You are interested in sharing the impact and evolution of your work with others.
  • You need to gather information to guide or deepen strategic thinking and planning.
  • Learning and growth is a core value for your agency.
Projects that Utilized Research & Evaluation
It was an honour to be part of your research and kudos to you all for such masterful job!
Crime Survivor Research Participant

Whether your initiative is large or small, urgent or strategic – we are ready support you.

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