Contemporary models for successful business are proving that the “triple-bottom-line” – profit, people, and planet must be equally valued to be successful in today’s workplace environment.

Our work focuses on the people side of this equation.

We believe that the development and maintenance of policies and practices to respond to harm within the workplace is central to building safety and resilience for management and staff, in addition to having a positive impact on the financial bottom line.

We value working with businesses in becoming more socially responsive. We specialize in collaborating with managers and staff to:

  • build a community of professionalism and mutual accountability;
  • create grievance policies and procedures that honour confidentiality;
  • foster resilience;
  • respond meaningfully to difficult, traumatic and harmful events that occur within the workplace community;
  • build or rebuild a safe environment; and,
  • develop and implement processes which maintain a safe and thriving workplace community.

We will accomplish this through:

  • comprehensive and personal assessment;
  • facilitated forums for staff and management to meaningfully and productively engage in the change process;
  • implementing promising and evidence-based practices being utilized across the globe; and,
  • developing a collaborative change-process.