Cara Walsh, M.A.

Senior Consultant

Cara has been leading the development and implementation of restorative justice principles and practices within a wide spectrum of organizations since 2010. Working across criminal justice, education, correctional and community settings, she supports clients through systemic and cultural changes through training, consultation, facilitation, and program development. With a Master’s Degree in Rites of Passage from Prescott College, Cara’s professional and educational experiences are grounded in her passion for creating collaborative, authentic, and equitable spaces to support both personal and community transformation.

Cara’s career in restorative justice began at the Resolve Center for Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice in Southern Oregon. She has since provided local, state, and regional leadership on restorative justice through advisory councils, coalitions, and coordinating committees, including through her role as Board Member with the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon (RJCO). Cara’s focus has included extensive work in educational and carceral settings, where she has developed and delivered trainings to over 2000 school administrators, educators, criminal justice professionals and community members and generated a community wide initiative to implement restorative justice within 18 different schools. She has facilitated over 500 restorative processes to empower people who have been harmed, support the accountability of those responsible, and chart new paths for growth and learning. Cara’s unassuming, warm and engaging style infuses every environment she works in, creating a welcoming connection and relationship with all those she supports. When she is not working with clients, you will find her connecting with the natural world, practicing yoga, being nourished by her community, and being present to the moment.

Cara also led a virtual community seminar for our entire community, which resulted in meaningful discussion between community members. After working with Cara for five months, our school has seen results in meaningful peer-to-peer relationships, a shared language and vocabulary surrounding restorative justice and behavior, a strong sense of community in each classroom and across the school, as well as actionable and accountable consequences for harmful behavior. Neskowin Valley School looks forward to a continued relationship with Just Outcomes to advance and strengthen our program into the future.
Sari Tullis (she/her) Head of School Neskowin Valley School

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