Aaron Lyons, M.A.

Director and Lead Consultant

Aaron is an experienced and passionate restorative justice specialist and peacebuilder with extensive international service in facilitation, consultation, coaching, and training. Since 2002 he has designed and led innovative projects across sectors, from Arctic communities to Hong Kong, Brazil, and the Middle East. Aaron’s support for individuals, groups, and organizations is shaped by years of frontline experience working alongside people impacted by, and responsible for, acts of violence. A firm believer in the human potential for growth, Aaron brings creativity, humor, insight, and heartfelt presence to all of his work.

Born and raised on Canada’s west coast, Aaron was initiated into the work of facilitation by his years as an outdoor leadership instructor. After living in Jerusalem during university, Aaron’s early passion for peacebuilding led him to design and facilitate arts-based dialogue initiatives for Israeli, Palestinian, and Canadian youth. He went on to support adjudicated young men struggling with violence and substance abuse in British Columbia. Prior to co-founding Just Outcomes, Aaron was fortunate to receive strong mentorship and rich experience as a facilitator and trainer in restorative justice and related disciplines. He convened restorative youth justice processes in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand, and from 2009-2018 served as a facilitator with the Correctional Service Canada’s Restorative Opportunities program to support the needs for healing and recovery of individuals impacted by serious and violent crime. A seasoned trainer, Aaron has designed and delivered professional development workshops for a broad spectrum of organizations on topics of conflict management, emotional intelligence, trauma-informed practice, violence prevention, and restorative justice.

Among numerous training curricula, articles, and reports, Aaron co-authored the celebrated resource Serving Crime Victims Through Restorative Justice: A Resource Guide for Leaders and Practitioners. He holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Virginia (USA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University, a Certificate in Community Economic Development (SFU), and has benefited from numerous continuing education and professional development opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

Aaron is an untrained blues musician, small-boat enthusiast, traveler, and appreciator of great cooking. He lives life with his wife and two adventuresome boys.

Although the situation was very painful, Catherine and Aaron skillfully helped us on the journey to healing as a community. We still have much work to do but I'm convinced that the work of Just Outcomes helped to mitigate further harm and has helped us all begin the healing work.
Restorative Justice Process Participant Agency Leadership Confidential Client