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Whether you are a government decision-maker looking to improve public satisfaction with criminal justice, a community leader looking to create a safer neighborhood, an employer facing issues of workplace bullying, or a school administrator working to enhance student discipline, you are leading the way on a vital conversation about justice.

Just Outcomes works with leaders in communities and organizations to build and improve systems of community safety, justice and accountability.

Leading a change in how justice and safety is understood and achieved can be challenging and complex.You may need to respond to an immediate crisis or set long term goals. Either way, Just Outcomes specializes in achieving results that support your leadership and incorporates the insights, aspirations and needs of your group.


Needs Assessment
Through observation, targeted surveys, interviews and focus groups, we engage the relevant people and groups in identifying needs and issues, and provide you with clear and detailed reporting about what we find.

Foundational to our approach is the understanding that we all come up with our best solutions when those involved work together effectively. Through thoughtful, personable and skilled facilitation, we are able to guide discussions aimed at achieving top priorities and building effective teams.

To progress towards your goals, it may be necessary to expand knowledge and skills. Our training workshops, tailored to your identified needs, can support you and your group in uncovering existing skills and reaching your highest potential.

System Design
Our most comprehensive service, we will access all of our tools to support your group or community in assessing, designing, developing and implementing a system or process to meet your goals.