Cutting Edge Developments in Restorative Justice in Vancouver, BC

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We are so happy to share an article that highlights Catherine Bargen and Aaron Lyons’ work in partnership with Peace of the Circle! Together the team has been exploring the benefits and strengths of  restorative justice, and are looking ahead to how it can influence, inform, and complement Vancouver’s justice system. This article speaks to the history, vision, and promise of the Building Partnerships for Restorative Justice in Vancouver initiative. In alignment with restorative justice principles, the process brings diverse stakeholders together, sharing and diversifying power, and collaborating across communities and systems.  We are honored to be part of the initial stages of this important community development process with the leadership and continued stewardship of Peace of the Circle.

Read about this exciting partnership here: What Could Restorative Justice Mean for Vancouver’s Court System? – Vancouver Magazine (


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The inspiration behind Just Outcomes was born out of the friendships and shared visions between Catherine Bargen, Aaron Lyons, and Matthew Hartman during Graduate School at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Virginia, in 2008. We created this organization because we share a belief that: a) the way our institutions approach justice and discipline is ripe for evolution and innovation, b) deliberations about justice are a vital arena for human and organizational growth and development, and c) our team’s experience and working relationships position us to assist people through these changes in unique ways.