School & Post Secondary

The traditional punishment response to misconduct in education is proving to be inadequate for students, staff, faculty and the public interest. Aims of learning are typically not achieved with adversarial approaches that promote exclusion, overlook root causes and possibly ignore victim needs.

Through engaging administration, faculty, staff, students and their families, we can work with your institution to develop a disciplinary response to misconduct which:

  • expands the moral development of your students;
  • emphasizes mutual and meaningful accountability;
  • effectively addresses the impacts of misconduct for everyone involved;
  • increases student learning;
  • maintains or builds a healthy educational environment and community;
  • minimizes the risk of re-offense;
  • decreases disproportionate minority contact;
  • effectively enhances campus safety through broader involvement; and,
  • reduces exclusionary practices.

We will collaborate with education staff and student leadership to enhance or re-imagine existing disciplinary responses to conduct code violations. We will accomplish this through:

  • comprehensive and personalized assessment;
  • facilitated forums for administration, faculty, staff, students and their families;
  • accessing the promising and evidence-based practices being utilized across the globe; and,
  • engaging in collaborative change management.