Justice System

Today’s criminal justice system is faced with many challenges. The system is expensive and its effectiveness is often questioned by both the public and criminal justice professionals themselves. Communities across the globe are thinking creatively in order to effectively and meaningfully address their need for community safety and justice without overspending. Just Outcomes endeavors to be a partner and resource in this innovative change.

Though change is often a trying process, Just Outcomes operates on the knowledge that it does not have to be a painful one. We specialize in working collaboratively with criminal justice system leaders, professionals, partners and citizens around how to:

  • maximize existing funds and resources in order to simultaneously reduce costs and improve outcomes;
  • ensure offender accountability;
  • meaningfully attend to victim needs and interests;
  • enhance community safety;
  • reduce backlog;
  • address disproportionate minority contact;
  • track outcomes and maximize results to strengthen funding access; and,
  • increase public confidence in the justice system.

We will accomplish this through:

  • comprehensive and personalized assessment;
  • facilitated forums for criminal justice professionals, citizens and families;
  • accessing the promising and evidence-based practices being utilized across the globe; and,
  • engaging in collaborative change management.