At all levels of government, individuals and groups are managing many competing priorities.  While government offices maintain and strive for effective relationships within their own teams, they are also balancing high level tasks such as ensuring that social services and infrastructure are operating effectively, upholding stakeholder relations or dealing with a shifting political landscape.  All these pressures are further heightened when implementing new visions of change, and conflict is natural at such times.

Just Outcomes understands that the work of maintaining balanced relationships through times of crisis is essentially the work of justice.  We work alongside government teams to identify the way forward that enhances employee performance, and maximizes positive relationships both among coworkers and with external stakeholders.  We are confident that solutions to complex problems can be achieved collaboratively, justly, and in a timely manner.

We specialize in working collaboratively with management-level leadership, employees, stakeholders and citizens around how to:

  • identify key points of desired change or transformation;
  • assess how services and teams are integrating cultural competence and responsiveness;
  • instill confidence among team members to navigate change;
  • ensure relevant policy, goals of government, and codes of conduct are upheld as appropriate;
  • repair existing damaged relationships in order to meet mutual goals; and,
  • where necessary, reduce backlog and “red tape” to enhance effective services.

We will accomplish this through:

  • comprehensive and discrete assessments;
  • working within identified budgets;
  • facilitated meetings between key parties ;
  • integrating principles of evidence-based organizational leadership; and,
  • engaging in collaborative change management.