Icon: Change Management

Icon: Change Management
Change Management

Effective change requires careful coordination among many moving parts. We welcome this complexity. Backed by decades of project management experience and the latest digital tools, we are efficient, adaptable, and detail-oriented stewards of the change you are seeking. 

We will work with you to clearly define our role in relationship to the process, and will execute our role with clarity, commitment, and humility.

Useful When

  • You have a vision for your destination but are unsure how to successfully navigate the change process.
  • In order to achieve a goal, there are multiple partners that need to play a vital role in the process.
  • You recognize that ignoring the internal resistance to change will cause problems in the short and long term.
Projects that Utilized Change Management
Through our work with Just Outcomes, we collectively built a strategic plan for our unit which still, two years later, guides our work together. Going through this process strengthened the relationships on our team, encouraged us to be more intentional in our work, and helped us take what started out as abstract concepts and make them concrete and actionable.
Mary Geelan, MSW System Change and Community Initiatives Manager Department of Community Justice, Multnomah County