hands_shutterstock_153353432Core Principles

How do we live, work and learn together, in a healthy and accountable way honoring personal freedom and individuality simultaneously with mutual accountability? How can we respond with foresight when trust is violated? Negotiating these fundamental questions is the vital work of exploring the meaning of justice.

We at Just Outcomes believe that justice is:

  • a collaborative, interpersonal and experiential, intra and interpersonal process;
  • defined and achieved differently in different situations by different people;
  • not directly equated with punishment;
  • a process of building individual and group identity, cohesion and resilience; and,
  • achieved through both tangible and symbolic means.

Most of all, we believe that enormous individual and group potential is unlocked when people are actively engaged in the issues of justice and accountability that concern them.

Our activities are rooted in the following core values:

Collaboration: working toward mutual gain through authentic concern for one another’s needs and perspectives. Justice, and the systems of which it is a part, thrive on collective effort and insight.

Respect: upholding the dignity and worth of those who are harmed by an action, those who cause harm, and affected others within a given community. Just Outcomes respects all voices and the humanity which underlies them.

Accountability: preserving relationships of trust – and where trust is broken, working to repair harm done to people and relationships.

Learning: using experiences of adversity for individual and collective/organizational advancement or growth. Meaningful justice can lead to increased resilience to incidents of further harm.